AllOff 6.5

It starts computer shutdown if there has been no activity for the time set (See all)

AllOff is a program that will shut down your system after some time without any mouse or keyboard activity. Before shutting your system down, It will also check the current CPU load, to avoid interrupting important tasks that do not require using any input device (tasks like DVD burning or file downloading). This feature will let you leave your system performing any task that will take a lot of time, like a backup, and you can be sure that the program will shut down the system once that task its completed, because there would be no keyboard or mouse activity, and the CPU load will decrease to the minimum. You can also configure AllOff perform scheduled shutdowns.

Once installed, the program will stay as an icon in your system tray. Double-clicking on that icon will pop-up the program. There, you can adjust the settings that will govern the way in which the program works, such as the inactivity period before shutting the system down, or the CPU load that the system should reach before the program should decide to shut down your PC.

In order to use this program for free, you need to obtain an activation code from the developer´s page.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free for personal use
  • It determines if the system is busy before attempting a shutdown


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